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Shpping returns

Our permission
We hope to provide you with a wonderful and pleasant shopping experience, so we make a clear statement here. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact details and we are happy to assist you.
Order cancellation strategy:
1. If you cancel your order within 12 hours after placing your order, please make a statement and we’ll refund you all the order and shipping costs.
2. If you cancel your order within 12-24 hours after placing your order, please state then we’ll refund you 50% order and all shipping costs.
3. If you cancel your order within 72 hours after placing your order, we’ll only refund your shipping charges.
4. If you cancel the order after we deliver, we will not refund any amount.
Note: If you need cancel your order, please contact us as early as possible.
Refund policy:
Our customer service representatives are eligible to return and cancel orders. If there is a dispute, our customer service will judge first then submits the order to the account manager. Orders can only be cancelled and returned once the manager approved. (less than 2 working days)
The re-adjusted goods must be brand new with the original label on them. If you have any quality problems, please attach photos or other evidence. Please confirm whether the insurance policy is met before returning, otherwise we will act it as invalid return and no refund will be given. If the goods are damaged during transportation, please contact the logistics department and inform us of the assistance. (In general, we will insure for transportation to ensure that the goods are in good condition to the customer). If the color, size, style, etc. are incorrect, we are entitled to a handling fee.
Problems and treatments you may encounter:
Your satisfaction is very important to us. When receiving the goods, check the integrity and validity before unpacking the label.
About damaged goods:
If the goods are found to be damaged, you can request a full refund, but you must prepare the evidence in advance for us to confirm. If it is damaged during shipment, we will send you the essential documents to help you communicate with the logistics department to get paid.