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The Origin and Role of Yoga

The Origin and Role of Yoga

In recent years in the world bai all over the rise of du and hot yoga, is not just a set of zhi popular or fashionable fitness daos so simple. Yoga is a very ancient method of energy knowledge practice, a combination of philosophy, science and art. The foundation of yoga is built on ancient Indian philosophy, and mental, physical and spiritual precepts have been an integral part of Indian culture for thousands of years. The ancient followers of yoga developed the yoga system because they believed that by moving the body and regulating the breath, they could gain complete control of the mind and emotions and maintain eternal physical health.

Five thousand years ago, in ancient India, in order to enter the highest state of unity of mind and spirit, monks often lived in seclusion in primitive forests, sitting quietly and meditating. After living simply for a long time, the monks understood many laws of nature from observing living creatures, and then verified the laws of survival of living creatures to the human body, gradually sensing the subtle changes within the body, so that human beings knew how to talk with their own bodies, so that they knew how to explore their own bodies, and began to maintain and regulate health, as well as the healing instincts for diseases and pains. After thousands of years of study and research, we have gradually developed a theoretically complete, precise and practical system of health and fitness, which is yoga. For example, after observing cats for a long time, we found that by shrugging the shoulders and sticking the chest to the ground, the muscles of the shoulders, back, waist and hips are fully stretched, and internal organs such as the lungs and stomach are pulled and massaged to stimulate the nerves, tendons, bones and muscles around the lumbar vertebrae. From this observation, human beings realized that performing this whole set of movements under the control of consciousness can cure waist pain, strengthen the lungs and stomach, remove excess fat and beautify the waistline. The function of yoga is "union", "balance", "unity", not only intellectual and emotional, but also to practice "it" rationally, yoga is a physical exercise for us to do.


Archaeologists have unearthed a well-preserved pottery vessel in the Indus Valley, on which are depicted the forms of yoga figures doing meditation. The word yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word yug or yuj, is a sound that means "unity", "union" or "harmony". Yoga is a system that helps humans reach their full potential by raising awareness. Yoga postures use ancient, easy-to-master techniques to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abilities of people, and is a form of exercise that unifies body, mind and spirit. The ancient Indians believed in the unity of man with the Divine, and they practiced different yogic practices that they integrated into their daily lives: morality, selfless movement, stable mind, religious duty, desire-lessness, meditation and the nature and creation of the universe. In simpler terms, yoga is a dynamic physical and spiritual practice and a philosophy applied to every day life. The ultimate goal of yoga is the ability to control oneself, to harness the physical senses, and to tame the seemingly never-ending inner self. The focus of the senses is the mind, and being able to harness the mind means being able to harness the senses; control of the body is achieved by aligning the senses, the body and the conscious breath. These techniques not only benefit the muscles and bones, but also strengthen the nervous system, endocrine glands and major organs, promoting health by stimulating the body's potential energy. The condition of the nervous system, endocrine glands and major organs of the body determines the degree of health of a person. A regular yoga practice helps to eliminate mental stress and physical decline due to neglect of physical health or premature aging. Therefore, yoga practice keeps you energized and sharpens your mind.

Modern life is fast-paced, competitive and stressful. Of course, a moderate amount of stress is necessary because it stimulates interest, invigorates the mind and energizes the body. However, if this stress is more than we can handle, the body can experience tension and discomfort, a weakened autoimmune system, physical exhaustion, and sometimes psychological frustration, muscle tension (which can lead to spinal pain), exhaustion, shortness of breath and even confusion. Yoga contains exercises for stretching, strength, endurance and strengthening of the heart and lungs, promotes physical health, has the ability to harmonize the entire organism, and learns how to make the body function healthily while also increasing its vitality. In addition, cultivating a state of spiritual harmony and emotional stability leads you to improve your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state, so that your body is harmoniously balanced and healthy.

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