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Estimated delivery time

All our orders will be at least go through by five necessary process before delivery: 1.material procurement -> 2, product production -> 3, commodity check -> 4, Full inspection -> 5 arrange shipment. the entire time is also divided for the processing time and delivery time 2 parts, the first step to the fourth step is the processing time, the fifth step is the delivery time, please check the time table below to estimate the approximate time it will take you from you place the order to receive the goods.
Disclaimer: Our website does not accept any responsibility for delays in delivery due to the following conditions.
1. The country or region where the destination is located has suffered natural disasters, causing traffic obstacles.
2. The country or region where the delivery is located has carried out a routine inspection of the delivered goods over normal time.
3. The customs clearance in the country where the destination is located is longer.
4. The country or region where the delivery is located controls the products of the non-national or regional (unlimited form)
5, The destination is Brazil and Latin America, the standard delivery time is likely to be extended by 15-20 days
6. When the goods are delivered, the consignee fails to sign on time or refuses in any form.