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Benefits of Exercise Jogging

Benefits of Exercise Jogging

Jogging, also known as jogging, jogging or jogging, is a moderate intensity aerobic exercise that aims to run a relatively long distance at a slow or moderate pace to warm up or to exercise. Since the 1960s, an estimated 7-10 million people in the United States have been jogging to improve their health, improve their fitness, lose weight, and feel good about themselves. Jogging consumes 10 to 13 calories per minute (7 to 9 calories per minute in tennis). 1967 University of Oregon track coach Bowerman and specializing in cardiology medical scientist Harris co-authored "jogging" a book published, greatly promote the popularity of jogging activities. Medical authorities believe that jogging is a good way to exercise the heart and the whole body.Now let's talk more specifically about the advantages of jogging

First, jogging has the benefit of developing an easy fat-burning physique.Why do some people gain weight easily? The reason for this is that insufficient daily exercise reduces muscle strength and accumulates unbridled fat. Generally speaking, running is an aerobic exercise. Through running, we can improve our muscle strength, restore muscle mass to a normal level, increase the basic metabolism level in the body, accelerate the burning of fat, and develop a lean physique.


Second, Keeps the body tighter and younger. Running not only burns fat, but if you have the right posture, it can also beautify your body, especially if you can make your sagging hips look round and swing your arms to exercise the muscles around your thorax. In addition, the habit of running can increase hormone secretion in the body, making your skin straighten and become younger and firmer.

Third, Increased motivation to lose weight. Running outdoors in the fresh air can relieve the pressure of work and study and relax the body and mind. Secondly, it activates the functions of the brain and internal organs, making the body more energetic. When you always feel good, you will be able to face all the challenges of weight loss with ease, and you will be more motivated.

Before getting ready to jog, it's important to have a workout kit for your own safety and comfort. First, have a pair of running shoes, various brands of running shoes vary in price, some up to several hundred yuan, for the average person, do not need to buy the most expensive, because the more expensive running shoes are often brand-name race shoes, in order to reduce the weight of the shoes and different, this kind of race running shoes are not suitable for normal training, so do not be confused by the price.

Secondly, you need to have workout clothes that fit you, breathe, wick sweat and fit well. People nowadays not only demand basic functionality, but also fashion and personality. But with the plethora of sports brands on the market, the price range is dizzying. However, there is no need to pursue large brands of high-priced products, to achieve the effect of comfort and health is good, pick suitable for their own size, elasticity appropriate degree can be.

Let's join the jog and embrace a healthier and better life together!

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